– Workers’ compensation settlement is based on a formula. The specific type or types of injuries, the ability to return to work, and the type of medical treatment required are all factors in the settlement amount. When the workers’ compensation claim is denied or not paid in full, the injured employee can appeal the decision through several processes. In some workers’ compensation cases, injured employees have the opportunity to negotiate structured settlements. This special kind of settlement pays out money over time, rather than in a lump sum all at once. Often, the workers’ compensation insurance company settles a claim by agreeing to pay a lump sum of money to someone who is injured, in exchange for the injured worker releasing all future claims for benefits based on that injury. The type of settlement available in an individual case depends on what the injured worker can negotiate and what the insurance company is willing to pay. At the Osterbauer Law Firm, our workman’s compensation attorneys in Minnesota are committed to helping you secure the benefits to which you are entitled for your injury at work.

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