– Sapphire Metal Finishing specializes in aluminium anodizing. We utilize lean manufacturing principles to deliver quality anodizing services with a quick turnaround time. Our experience allows us to provide a consistent, high-quality product. Want to see for yourself? We are happy to schedule a shop tour! We have extensive experience with 6061, 7075, MIC 6, 5052, and 2024. We have anodized other aluminium alloys, such as castings, 6063, and forged 7075. Our anodizing process is an electro-chemical reaction advancing the naturally-occurring corrosion of aluminium and this ‘corrosion’ is made useful by creating a hard, abrasion and chemical resistant protective layer. Anodizing can also be used as a decorative finish for aluminum. We continue to invest in equipment, technology, knowledge, and skills to maintain our commitment to quality and excellence. Call us at 208-614-4050.

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