– Danlee Medical is a medical supply company, selling medical test kits to doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinical research facilities, and medical supply distributors in the United States and internationally. We provide essential supplies for medical testing kits to ensure that health professionals correctly diagnose health issues and that patients remain healthy. Our kits include Holter and event recording kits, MRSA kits, disaster relief kits, clinical research kits, and many more. Danlee Medical emphasizes efficiency with our testing kits, helping medical professionals be more efficient by saving time and money. Danlee Medical commits to superior customer service, which reflects our company values, and much of our business comes through referrals. Danlee Medical is an FDA-regulated leader in custom kit manufacturing and a Nationally Certified Woman-Owned business. We have 25 years of experience in the medical kit business. We do not have a voicemail! We want you to speak to a real person during business hours and feel important because you are! Please contact us today, and we can discuss all the excellent, high-quality kit options we have to offer.