– Founded in 2007 by chef Christopher Wang, The Gypsy Fish Company is a sole proprietorship based out of Santa Cruz, CA. We provide halibut, sockeye salmon, pacific cod, and many more. We are so proud and excited to share this sustainable, nutritious and delicious food with you. We adopted a direct approach to cut out the middle man as much as possible and to be able to meet our customers face to face. We store salmon in refrigerated seawater from the moment it is caught and then flash-frozen to lock in that fresh-caught flavor. Our sockeye salmon are prized for its mineral sweetness, firm texture and delicate flavor for quickly gaining the taste of the American palate. We have designed many recipes according to different tastes so you can try a variety of food options with our salmon.

The Gypsy Fish Company
316 Main Street, Unit 1,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060