– Expand your outdoor relaxation with indoor comfort by installing UglyDeck Screen Rails. Our product gives you the best of both worlds; a space to create memories with friends and protects you from bugs. Screen rails will certainly give you what you need to create a beautiful outdoor oasis on your deck. What gives UglyDeck an edge over its competitors is having the strongest screen rails on the market. Our products are made of heavy-duty fiberglass held together by continuous splines. Additionally, we have various rails in multiple colors, which allow you to match your rails with other decking components. All our products are coated with a long-lasting coated paint finish. It’ll ensure your screen rails remain attractive for years to come. Moreover, our integrated aluminum deck railing systems provide durability and safety for screened areas on a deck. If you need a privacy screen for your rails or porch, we got you covered. We’ll simply frame the area and then install the fiberglass screen rails. The outside part of the screened area is surrounded by integrated railing systems that match the privacy of your area. If you’re thinking of getting a screen rail, think UglyDeck. We’re your number one-stop shop when it comes to screen rails. Reach out to us today at 952-736-3308 for more information or a quote.
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